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handcrafted stool from wood, Palm leaf seat | furniture and decoration made in wood, straw, and palm leaves


Wood, straw, and palm leaves furniture and decoration

Are you looking for 100% natural decoration?

Here you will find a complete collection of lemon wood items, each item is shaped by hand and no item undergoes chemical treatment. The wood is simply peeled by hand, then worked for assembly, and finally glued or nailed.

You can buy beautiful bar chairs, superb stools in wood and rope or wood and recycled fabric in all sizes, from a child's stool or chair to a practical high stool for everyday use, these items will enhance bohemian and natural decoration of your entrance, bathroom, living room or bedroom. In sunny regions, they can stay outside on your terrace or patio throughout the summer season.

The stool is handcrafted from lemon wood, Palm leaf seat, leather

100% NATURAL & 100% ZERO WASTE seat!

Children's stool, low or high, it will enhance your bohemian and natural decoration.

Very solid, the seat can be used as a step to grab objects at height.

As a plant holder it will also be perfect.

Will look great in your bedroom or that of your child, in a bathroom or in the living room.

Children's Stool: Height 22cm / Width 22x22cm.

Low Stool: Height 32cm / Width 32x32cm.

High Stool: Height 40cm / Width 32x32cm.

High+ Stool: Height 50cm / Width 32x32cm.

The dimensions noted above may vary by a few centimeters due to artisanal manufacturing.

For our future customers not accustomed to real craftsmanship, small defects or irregularities are possible, your stool will be all the more unique!


The wood can be split in places, it is a natural item and this does not affect the solidity.

Lemon tree branches are not always straight.

It is possible to install felt pads for an optimal fit.

Product number: #4335


Plant stool in banana fiber and iron

Plant stool in banana fiber and iron

The MURGI stool is now available in a plant version.

Light and easy to use, it embodies everything we love at Caravane: the timeless beauty of the pieces that we love to reinvent, and the ancestral know-how of working with iron as well as harvesting and hand-weaving fibers from banana tree which compose it.

This marriage of two materials that one might think are opposite allows for a perfect match. On one side the plant, flexibility, delicacy, and on the other the mineral, the immutable, robustness. These two choices give the MURGI stool a unique personality.

We love it almost everywhere in the house: as an occasional chair, at the end of a bed in a bedroom, or even in a bathroom... Voluptuous and comfortable, it is sufficient in itself.

Also available in Ivory, Charcoal and Indigo in its cotton rope version.

Product number: #4185


Handimade Raffia chandelier Moroccan craft


The very pretty Moyana pendant light from the ACB Iluminacion brand will seduce you with its very trendy bohemian spirit.

With its large lampshade in natural raffia fibers woven in the style of artisanal baskets, the Moyana pendant light will diffuse warm lighting and create a trendy atmosphere in all the rooms of your interior, giving it a relaxed holiday atmosphere. 

The bohemian style of the Moyana pendant light will complete the decoration of your living room or bedroom.

The adjustable cable allows you to install it according to the dimensions of your room.

Product number: #4185

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